To Better Understand Our Selection Of Fillings
We Have Outlined Key Terms & Definitions

Italian Buttercream: A type of meringue based icing which is used for crumb coating and/or filling the cake.  Light and not overly sweet, Italian Buttercream can be flavored to your taste, using fruit purees, various extracts, chocolate, nuts or liquor.

Vanilla Bavarian Cream: Vanilla anglaise lightened with whipped cream.  A more flavorful and delectable cream as opposed to plain whipped cream. 

Vanilla Custard: A mixture of milk, egg yolks, and sugar cooked to a pudding consistency.  Flavored with vanilla beans and finished with butter, this custard is rich, thick and creamy. Also called Pastry Cream, this filling can be flavored chocolate or coffee. 

Compote: Sweetened cooked fruit seasoned with spices, zests or liquor.  

Curd: Made with citrus, this cooked filling is intensely flavorful and smooth.  With a similar consistency of a custard, curd fillings have a higher proportion of juice and zest.

Mousse: Similar to a Bavarian, this cream can be flavored with chocolate or fruit. 

Ganache: A mixture of chocolate & heavy cream. Similar to a fudge consistency, ganache can be flavored with spices, various extracts or liquor.